How to support better?

by tgfcoder
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How to support better?

Postby tgfcoder » January 24th, 2015, 3:39 pm

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I like to support in ranked games cause I can do well with a good adc. Problem is I usually get stuck with low bronze adcs and we get melted. One game I had more kills than anyone else on my team as Leona, mainly because they weren't focusing me and I got to clean up, but at that point what can I really do? There's only so much you can support someone, or your team. E.g. I went 6/5/13 with Nami and we got smashed because top lost, mid lost (fed zed) and jungle was probably even. Bot lane was going fine until we got camped by mid and jungle. Team was busy chasing enemies with low health instead of pushing lanes (told them 3 times) or getting objectives. Last season I was Silver 2, after placements I'm in Bronze 1. As a support you really depend on having a good lane partner. One game I had a really good adc (they were really good anyhow, didn't miss cs, stutter stepping, poking all the time while being safe and having good map awareness.) We worked together and melted bot lane and won the game. Probably about half the kills in lane I contributed to and went 2/1/21. ... b=overview The other lanes went well but if we lost bot lane completely it may have been a different game.

The only other alternative is to ditch support and take things into my own hands and play adc, I'm not that good but I'm probably better than at least half of the adc's I play with. I just prefer the support role usually.

Won 4/10 placement matches. I'm not really worried about being in Bronze or anything but it would have been nice to have some consistency and come into mid Silver. I guess it could just be luck or the nature of the system -shrugs-

Here's my LoLKing score. Is this really believable?


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