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by ¤ᴙшдЯ¤
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Funny Videos/Series

Postby ¤ᴙшдЯ¤ » December 8th, 2014, 3:40 pm

I'm trying to find some funny stuff to watch. ;Spy
I've watched tons of animated stuff, like Carbots Animation and others, and found them absolutely hilarious. ;GrinP
Anywho, here are some that I'll share:

Season 1: ... U-YJfr9Be7
Season 2: ... yiToCQ8nkk
Season 3: ... G-Q3plJNBY


Playlist: ... K9GX4DyZg8

Dota 2 Reporter:

Season 1: ... 8I9DLOzuON
Season 2: ... kv7FVMwh2K
Season 3: ... hRRERR8lGD

All of these are ongoing. ;Sng
Please share, if you have any hilarious videos/series! ;GrinP

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