Why should I join this forum?

by tgfcoder
A place to talk about Tgforums. Suggestions also go in here.
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Why should I join this forum?

Postby tgfcoder » January 22nd, 2013, 11:42 am

Whether you're just looking for a great gaming forum with a friendly community, or just want to hang out and pass time, you're welcome to join here. We have a lot of fun and do giveaways like free bana cash and such.

No ads or ridiculous rules. Just a fun and friendly forum to talk, share and chat. We have sections for Audition and League of Legends, but anything is welcome. If a new game gets popular, a new section will be opened for it. That's how we work here, our goal is to provide a platform for you! We listen to our community's ideas and we strive for a helpful, exuberant community.

What does Tgforums have to offer? ;Up

  • Advanced and stylish forum with custom features, new features added very frequently, and good suggestions are often implemented...
    • Such as setting a default post text so you don't have to put it in each time you post, profile fields for your Audition IGN, LoL SN, Real name, etc.
    • Inbuilt chat system lets you IM anyone else on the site
    • Tgcoin forum currency for trading, tributing, and buying virtual items
    • New forum tags & features whenever we want them. E.g. badges, [petition] tag to start your own petitions
  • Chibi Creator 2, Audi Cpl Finder, Deluxe Garden Timer, tgfRPG, Friend Referral System
  • Mobile version of the site lets you read and post on the go, simply visit the forum on your phone
  • Fun community who love to talk about everything and make new friends
  • Exclusive events to win Redbana Cash, League of Legends Riot Points and more
  • Create a FAM account and post officially with an orange title to organise your own FAM thread
  • Fun events, have fun, earn ranks and badges
  • An extended community including Audition, League of Legends, and more
  • All Audition emoticons (including peachies)
  • Friendly and useful moderators and admin that respond to suggestions & act quickly when issues arise - who take matters seriously without bias or restricting anyone's freedoms
  • Animated avatars and signatures

Lurk a bit more, or head over to register and post your introduction today! Bring your friends too ;CuteP

Please follow the rules too and I'll be a happy admin :)


Everyone is welcome ;LuvUP

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