Que pasa Prestige!?

by Gabzmademe
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Re: Que pasa Prestige!?

Postby Michiyo » December 13th, 2015, 7:21 pm

Corn wrote in Re: Que pasa Prestige!?:I still check in... whenever beatup tourney starts... ;haha ;Sng ;Spy

i always see your ign on the sign in LOL 8D

Yao wrote in Re: Que pasa Prestige!?:i hev audi installed again... lf my famiri ;Sob ;Sob

lf yao ;Sob

kristen ashley wrote in Re: Que pasa Prestige!?:I miss you bebis. If you ever decide you wan to spam again I shall help. I am back on Audi since yesterday as well, tehe..
prays I don't get tempted to spend money...

While I appreciate the offer, I must decline it. Should Prestige ever decide to revive, it'll be with loyal members, not members that decide to leave every other day because of their couple. Or, hey! Even more bluntly, with members that are a little more pleasant to work with rather than those who spew useless and stupidly rude comments.
michiyo {} messiah;

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