Sarah's Assassin [Tyrian Song Remix]

by tgfcoder
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Sarah's Assassin [Tyrian Song Remix]

Postby tgfcoder » December 27th, 2015, 2:31 am

Figured I would post it here too even though I posted it on Facebook already heh ;Mkup

"Sarah's Song" from the Tyrian game (1995) composed by Andras Molnár, would play on the level called ASSASSIN:

It was one of my favorite songs from the game and showed what you could do with a Sound Blaster. I'd play it on repeat in the Jukebox mode as a kid. So I decided to give it my own trance feel to it, 20 years later:

So this is not an extensive remix like a rearrangement or change in music genre or anything like that. I wanted it to feel a lot like the original but sound punchier and crisper. I had a lot of fun coming up with the synths, creating the sounds just the way I wanted them to sound. I learned how to do note glide (you can hear it in the bass line starting at 0:44) Everything you hear except the drums and reverse sweeps comes from the z3ta+ synth plugin.

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