Christmas Short Stories [2014]

by Ehdorkable
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Re: Christmas Short Stories [2014]

Postby Ehdorkable » December 18th, 2014, 5:28 pm

Rayne wrote in Re: Christmas Short Stories [2014]:
Ehdorkable wrote in Re: Christmas Short Stories [2014]:
Christmas Fishyness (Vince)

A normal day had begun as my fish woke me up as he knocked his fish bowl over a bit. Rather ridiculous as the dirty water splashed onto my face. What a way to start Christmas, as a muttered slurs at the unknowledgable fish.

Getting ready for a day of free food and free gifts, and being around my family seemed to be such a boring day ahead of me. Heading out to my Aunt’s place to hang around for about the whole day as the family chattered on the most typical questions. Leaving my fish unattended, I got up to game a bit before getting ready for tonight’s dinner.

“Bad fish! You aren’t coming with me to the dinner” I said glaring at him unhappy with his acts.

Getting ready, my grandma ushered me out my room. We were going to be late because I had been too slow getting ready. We arrived there on time as dinner was just about to be served. A traditional chinese meal with several choices of meat ranging from pork to beef, a variety of vegetables, and some fish. I finished up the meal and packed a few leftovers for the fish at home.

Arriving home, I cheerfully entered the room as I noticed the fish bowl shattered all over the floor with my pet fish laying on the ground. I quickly scooped up my fish and ran to the bathroom only to realize that it was a plastic fish. I ran back to my room, carefully jumping over the shattered glass searching for my fish. It turns out that the fish was in my glass of water from the morning as it continued to fill the cup with bubbles.

how did the fish go from the bowl to the cup???

Hence the title, fishyness ;VVP ;Sng
Credit to Kelly
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