Donate/Gift for Indef Outfit? ; A;

by Kirsten
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Donate/Gift for Indef Outfit? ; A;

Postby Kirsten » December 20th, 2014, 8:37 pm

would anyone like to donate some bana cash or gift me for an indef outfit i want ; A;?
i don't have a credit card, and they don't have UGCs anymore.
so if anyone is willing to, i'd appreciate it! i don't have tons of tgf coins, but i'd be willing to donate some to you if you help out (at the moment i only have 17.5k)

if you want to know what you're donating to me:

name of items:
Hot-Summer Lovely Hat - 12.8k
Lovable face - 5.6k
Delicate Hotpink Shoes - 7.2k
Candied Crush Frilly Dress - 10k (90 days max)

12.8k /35.6k

ign is 'vyolette' if you end up gifting me
;Love thanks for reading!

btw feel free to rate (i still want it even if u think its ugly tho hehe)
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